Saturday, 13 December 2008

Wongraven - Fjelltronen

1. Del 1: Det Var En Gang Et Menneske 16:33
2. Del 2: Over Ødemark 03:12
3. Del 3: Opp Under Fjellet Toner En Sang 01:24
4. Del 4: Tiden Er En Stenlagt Grav 08:07
5. Del 5: Fra Fjelltronen 03:21
Total playing time 32:37



[Wongraven was a solo project from Satyr of Satyricon where he made keyboard based music with a medieval atmosphere. Ihsahn of Emperor played synthesizer and grand piano on that album.]

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Kung Bore said...

Together with Fata Morgana's self titled album (1995) an essential classic. So no need to dl it.