Sunday, 18 January 2009

Lord Belial - Enter The Moonlight Gate

1. Enter the Moonlight Gate 05:12
2. Unholy Spell of Lilith 06:42
3. Path with Endless Horizons 05:56
4. Lamia 04:54
5. Black Winter Blood-Bath 04:56
6. Forlorn in Silence 03:50
7. Belial – Northern Prince of Evil 03:19
8. Realm of a Thousand Burning Souls, Part 1 20:04
Total playing time 54:53



Scourge said...

Hail, great blogspot
could you please give the password for this file?

Scourge said...

Hail, sorry about that i found the password.
Great album, its darkly epic. A masterpiece of Black fucking metal

Upuout said...


I really like what You are doing here.
That`s why I set a Link to your work from the
Sidebar of my Blog ( )
How abaout a Backlink?
It`s not that i delete the Link to You if You don't set
a Backlink to me but it would be Nice to get one from You.

Greetings from Ivor Schandor aka UPUOUT from "Mein ultimativer Spa├čblog"

Smaug said...

Thanks, is the first time I listen to Lord Belial, is a very good album.
The pass is blodvargr, I found it at another blog.